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Better sex tips? Watch the 2011 Las Vegas AVN Adult Entertainment Expo Rock You!

What are the keywords of Las Vegas? Paradise, entertainment for adults, sex, women, fun, expo, nightlife, and what else? Every start of a new year brings us AEE – 2011 Las Vegas AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.

From January 6-9, AEE will rock the whole world with its fabulous exhibition and showgirls. At the same time, all manufacturers try their best to leave the best impression on all suppliers and ordinary visitors. Popular sex toy brands such as Xbox, Eden Fantasies, and others are taking part in the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. All you have to do is wait for their latest and most popular products to bring you incomparable pleasure.

What are the boys going to do in Vegas? A few drinks here would be relaxing and comfortable. The Shadow Bar in Caesars is said to be a very nice place to start the evening, but at some point, it gets a bit scary because you have to keep looking at the shadows. Try the Eyecandy soundbar and lounge at the Mandalay Bay Hotel if you’re looking for a bachelorette party.

A strip club is also a great feature of Las Vegas. What about a group of guys who end up in a strip club? It may be ridiculous, but it’s Las Vegas, a paradise for you. Just try it because this is Las Vegas.

The whole exhibition center is divided into three areas: the exhibition floor, which opens to both vendors and visitors; Gayvn’s exhibition area; and also the B2B marketplace, which opens only to importers, wholesalers, and retailers. Ordinary visitors can only enter the expo on the second and last day.

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